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Everest Review

After reading Graham Ratcliffe’s A Day to Die For whilst myself trekking in the Himalaya I was intrigued to see if Hollywood could tell and be true to the story of the tragedy that unfolded on the 10th and 11th May 1996.

Based on true life events on the infamous mountain nearly twenty years ago, Everest is an intense, immensely claustrophobic and visually epic film which assaults all your senses from the sense of altitude sickness (watch it on an IMAX screen) during the key moments as the disaster unfolds to the bombastic SFX which capture nature unleashing hell on climbers below.

The film perhaps is more moving given ongoing events in Nepal, as well as heralding the start of a new slate of mountain based films including the widely reported Mallory biopic High Places.

If you want to truly understand what happened I would suggest reading one of the many books that have been published since. However, for all those that want to experience and appreciate why “human beings simply aren’t built to function at the cruising altitude of a 747”, it is a must see.

Marrying the harsh but beautiful nature of the mountain that intoxicates so many with a deftly executed narrative was made all the more poignant knowing that the events were real.

This is most definitely an emotional roller coaster that will have you wanting to find out more.

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