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Chiswick School Event

Earlier this year we worked with Chiswick School on their end of summer term activity programme for their Year 9 & 10 pupils, this included an off site camping and outdoor adventure experience over two days at Braid Wood camp site as well as a one day programme for students based at the school.

For once the British weather was on our side and we had blue skies and sunshine for the two days. Over the course of the two days, the camp based students got involved with numerous activities including Funtime Inflatables such as Gladiator Pugil Stick Battle and the Bungee Run which provided comical entertainment for all involved!

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These students also experienced bushcraft in the woods – learning how to create a fire with different materials and making a survival bracelet from paracord. Whilst on the field instructors lead team games of Egg Rockets, Tide Survival and Raise the Flag plus the very popular Slackline, constructed in the trees which tested individual balance and teamwork.

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At our one-day school programme, the fantastic Artistar Academy lead on music production and Step Free Dance provided African Drumming classes whilst our expert cooks took over the class kitchens to help the young people turn their hand to making chilli, tacos, tomato and coriander salsa.

The Chiswick School staff team were equally as enthusiastic as us about implementing the programme and did a fantastic job ensuring everyone got a go on each activity with bushcraft proving one of the most popular activities of the programme as well as the ‘It’s a Knock Out’ style inflatable games – with all involved coping admirably with the blistering heat!

It was wonderful to see every young person taking on the challenges put before them whether it was raising the flag, slacklining or developing their culinary prowess – it was great to watch their confidence grow as they developed new found skills both indoors and out!

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